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Successful Marketing for your business includes custom-made content that is specific to your company. This includes video and photography for use on your website, social media networks and advertisements.

Custom content tells your story and establishes a look, voice and tone which reflects the personality of your company and creates your public image. This content can include photos of your staff creating your product, and also consumers interacting with your brand, service, product or user interface.

I want a video, how do we get started?

Making a video starts with a free consultation.  We'll discuss the goals for the video, the intended audience, the message which you get across and finally distribution.  What is the "Why" behind your business?  Next we'll discuss the tone of the video- is it humorous or serious in tone?  What story are we trying to tell, and how do we relay it most effectively? We'll also discuss your business and the process you employ to bring your service or product to market. 

For larger projects, a line item budget will be created, as well as story boards and a shot list and shooting schedule- all to facilitate a smooth and properly coordinated shoot.

I'm interested, what's the process?

The method of creating content for your business begins with research and onboarding to best understand your process, goals and target audience. After this onboarding process a media proposal will be offered, followed by a script, and storyboards if necessary. Once agreed upon, logistics of the shooting will be finalised, and any logos and existing artwork forwarded (at highest resolution available) to us for inclusion and branding of your new digital assets. This could also include a color scheme so we can narrow our color palette to properly align with your website or office environment.

An additional benefit of the discovery and onboarding process is that it opens our eyes to seeing strategic opportunities for our clients which may not have been previously discovered. Such strategies could include creating limited partnerships with other businesses in order to create content jointly in order to share audience reach, or cooperative advertising opportunities.

I need a lot of content for my business, to you offer any packages?

I offer three packages for new businesses who need a lot of content to get started:

1- Basic Startup Package:

• Staff photos for Website/ LinkedIn- View this as an opportunity to set the tone of the company, (playful, serious, creative, responsible).

• Social Media Jumpstart -Initiate accounts if necessary, cover art/photos for up to four social platforms.

• Photography: Up to 10 images from one category below:

• Product photography

• Lifestyle photography depicting end user’s interacting with your product/service.

• Workplace images illustrating the positive aspects of your office environment.

• One video of your choice: (detailed below).

• Initiate a social media calendar and discuss and schedule important events which require posting.

2- Premium Startup Package: This package contains all of the items from the Basic Startup package, but also includes:

• Photography: Up to 20 total images from the Product, Lifestyle or Workplace categories (above).

• Total of two videos of your choice: (detailed below)

• Social Media Content Package: Total of 12 pieces of custom social media content.  This can be photography, :05 - :07 second short videos or motion graphics.

• Social Media Content Package: Total of 6 pieces of custom social media content. This can be photography, :05 - :07 second short videos or motion graphics.

3- Advanced Package: This package contains all of the items from the Premium Startup package, but also includes:

• Photography: Up to 30 total images from the Product, Lifestyle or Workplace categories (above).

• Total of three videos of your choice: (detailed below).

• Social Media Contributor- Two posts per week on all platforms.

Mission Statement Video: Explain the company’s values, origins, and the “Why” behind your business. Start with how the company was founded, where you are today, and where you’re going. Offer a glimpse into the process of how you do what you do, and give your viewers the opportunity to identify with your brand on an emotional level. Your spokesperson(s) provide the spoken narrative and the camera cuts away from their interview to footage which illustrates their points. A music track and light motion graphics including your logo add the final polish.

Explainer Video: which illustrates your product or service, the benefits to the end user, why they need it and how it is used or consumed. This video can combine motion graphics with live action and will contain a professional voiceover and a music track.

:30 Second Commercial: Succinct and slick. Get your message across quickly and end with a call to action to drive engagement. Use these as paid advertisements on social media networks, (Instagram or Facebook), or on cable TV. Commercials typically use actors depicting a scene in which they are interacting with your product or service, and subtly illustrate how that product or service is consumed or used. Costs are higher for commercials due to paying actors, and often location fees necessary for filming in a home or office environment.

What equipment do you work with?

I currently use the Nikon D850 for stills, and two 4K Sony A7sii for video work.  I have a full range of lenses for both systems.

I use Profoto strobes/ flashes, and have both battery powered units for field work, and heavy pack units for studio work.  I use an assortment of soft boxes and umbrellas for diffusion.

For continuous light sources required for video, I use two Arri LC-7 lights, and an Arri Tungsten kit.  These give me the flexibility to balance for either daylight or tungsten environments.

For audio I combine boom mics with Lavalier/ clip-on wireless mics.  There is always redundancy when recording audio to avoid loss of data.

How do I get my photos when the job is completed?

After the project has completed post production, (Photoshop for still photo shoots, and Premier and After Effects for videos), I will send you the final project via WeTransfer.  There is no subscription or sign up necessary.

What is your work flow after shooting?

After the shoot, all of the images or video clips must be downloaded to my drives.  For still photography, each setup will be put into its own folder. In each folder "Selects" are made, and photoshopped. You will then receive two folders from me, one of high resolution images, and a second folder containing the same images in web-friendly resolution. These folders are sent via Wetransfer, which requires no subscription or sign in.

For video, all footage is transferred to my hard drives and labeled and organized in folders in Adobe Premier.  A rough assemble edit will be completed and submitted to you for notes.

A final edit including color timing, a music track (if applicable) and graphics (if commissioned) will follow).  

The video will be posted on my Vimeo page, with a download button.