Food and Beverage Photography

Photographing food and beverages is my passion.  When I first started working in film in New York City back in the late 1980's, I worked for a commercial studio that specialised in TV commercials for top brands such as Wendy's hamburgers, Freihofer’s bakeries, Kellogg's cereal and other major national US brands.  In my three years at the studio we made over 100 commercials, all shot on 35mm motion picture film.

Shooting food and beverages became my first love, and it's not without it's perks!  Somebody has to eat all of that food at the end of the day!

If you’re a restaurant owner or caterer, the best place to start is with an overview of your menu.  Perhaps we don’t have to photograph every dish, so what are your signature dishes?  What sets your venue apart from your competitors?  Let’s illustrate the process that makes your signature dish stand out above all of the rest.

Next to decide are the logistics of the shoot.  Is you restaurant open seven days per week or are you closed on Mondays?  If you have one day per week that you’re closed, then that’s the day to have me come in, so my lights and cameras will be out of the way of your customers.  If you are open seven days, then I would suggest coming in before the lunch crowd comes in.  This way I can get in and shoot and get out of the way before your lunch service begins.

Next, we’ll find a special place in your venue to showcase your food in the best possible setting. I’ll bring in a few lights, and within an hour or two, we're done!

Each photography shoot starts with you, the client, and your venue’s specific needs.  What works best for you?