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Utrecht-based social dining app.

Services Performed:

Creative Director. Responsibilities include all photography and video content creation, including; developing concepts, scripts, storyboards, logistics, lighting, camera operation, editing and graphics. Developed partnerships with local businesses to share audience reach on custom projects.

"What's Better...?" Photography Campaign

Nibblr "What's Better...?" Photography Campaign

This photography campaign stressed the two basics of the Nibblr 's social dining app platform: Good food and new friends.

Released as paid ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

"International Cuisines" Video Campaign- ENGLISH and DUTCH

Nibblr "International Cuisines" Video Campaign

I made two versions of this video, one in English and one in Dutch, in an effort to bring the Dutch and expat communities together over meals.  Proper integration of the expat communities into the Dutch heritage is one of the core values of the client.

Released as paid ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

English version

Dutch version

"Complete Your Adventure" Photography and Video Campaign

Nibblr "Complete Your Adventure" Video & Photography Campaign

This video and photography campaign showed the challenges we all face when moving to a new home in a new city.  The campaign positions the client's social dining app as the perfect way to integrate into your new neighborhood, meeting new friends over a home-cooked meal.

Released as paid ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

Nibblr's Christmas 2018 Video

Nibblr Christmas Video 2018

Nibblr wanted to show its lighter side for the holidays, and give a nod to the friendly tension between Santa Claus and Sinterklaas.

Released as organic posts on both Facebook and Instagram.