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Archive for March 2014

Sound Shore Ayurveda- “Cocoa”

No words, just relaxing images of treatments in a cocoa brown setting.  Some traditional Indian music to complete the experience and you have a video which captures the spirit of the Spa, and does great justice to the therapies that are over 5000 years old.  This fantastic spa is as authentic as it gets.

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Captain Lawrence Brewing Company

Big W Bronze Award Winner- 2014 Non- Broadcast Video This is one of our favorite types of video to make, illustrate a process-oriented, hand crafted, amazing product made by really cool people.  This is yet another fine example of what we love to do- create a mission statement video which illustrates the philosophy and care…

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Coffee Labs- “A Day in the Lab”

We had great fun making “A Day in the Lab”for Coffee Labs in Tarrytown, NY.  If you like this video, be sure to check out the video we made for them documenting a trip to Guatemala they were taking to practice direct trading with local farmers.

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